Maryland’s spring game on Saturday will feature the first-team offense (red team) versus the first-team defense (white team) in a game that will consist of four 12-minute quarters and a 12-minute halftime. Kickoffs will not be live, and punt returners will be required to call for a fair catch. The game will be officiated.

“It’s high stakes, because next week on Wednesday the winners get steak and shrimp, and the losers get beans and franks,” Maryland coach Randy Edsall said Thursday. “Trying to make it competitive and let ‘em go out there and have some fun.”

Edsall noted that he will win regardless of the game’s outcome because he will not be affiliated with either squad during the exercise. Therefore, he’ll eat steak and shrimp next Wednesday if he so desires. Or he could go with the beans and franks.

Offensive coordinator Gary Crowton will guide the red team, the offense of which will be led by sophomore quarterback Danny O’Brien. Other members of the red team offense will include:

Sophomore left tackle Max Garcia, senior left guard Andrew Gonnella, sophomore center Bennett Fulper, sophomore right guard Josh Cary, junior right tackle R.J. Dill, junior tight ends Matt Furstenburg and Devonte Campbell, wide receivers Devin Burns (redshirt freshman), Kerry Boykins (junior), Ronnie Tyler (senior) and Quinton McCree (senior), tailbacks Davin Meggett (senior) and D.J. Adams (sophomore) and senior fullback Haroon Brown.

Defensive Coordinator Todd Bradford will manage the white team. Members of the white team defense will include:

Defensive ends David Mackall (sophomore), Clarence Murphy (redshirt freshman) and Ian Evans (redshirt freshman), junior nose tackles Joe Vellano and A.J. Francis, redshirt freshman defensive tackle Andre Monroe, linebackers Kenny Tate (senior), Demetrius Hartsfield (junior) and Darin Drakeford (junior), cornerbacks Dexter McDougle (sophomore) and Cameron Chism (senior) and safeties Eric Franklin (junior) and Matt Robinson (sophomore).

Those players who will not play Saturday either because of injury or academic discipline include:

Junior offensive tackle Justin Gilbert, sophomore cornerback Avery Graham, sophomore offensive tackle Pete DeSouza, junior offensive guard Justin Lewis and junior wide receiver Kevin Dorsey. Edsall said redshirt freshman tailback Jeremiah Wilson (knee) is questionable. Freshman wide receiver Nigel King (eligibility) also might not play, according to Edsall.