Comments made on Baltimore radio station WNST (1570 AM) last Thursday by former Maryland Coach Ralph Friedgen sparked plenty of reaction from fans. During the 12-minute interview conducted by Glenn Clark, Friedgen talked a lot about his affection for former Maryland players Torrey Smith and LaQuan Williams, but Friedgen, who was fired in December after 10 seasons at his alma mater, also said: “I could care less about Maryland. I have burned my diploma. I am flying a Georgia Tech flag right now.”

On Wednesday night, Clark tweeted that Friedgen wanted to make one statement regarding the comments he made in that interview:

“I want to apologize to those who have supported me for my comments . . . .

“I did not actually burn my diploma. I was only trying to make a joke.”

Post columnist Tracee Hamilton, meanwhile, says both Friedgen and Randy Edsall should think a little more before they make public statements.