LSU Coach Les Miles said Maryland offensive coordinator Gary Crowton “called a great game” against Miami. Crowton was formerly Miles’s offensive coordinator. (LM Otero/AP)

“Let me first say congratulations to Coach [Gary] Crowton,” Miles said. “He called a great game. The offense seemed to be very prolific. I am excited that an old friend won.”

Maryland offensive coordinator Gary Crowton, of course, held the same position under Miles at LSU the last four seasons.

On the subject of Maryland’s uniforms against Miami, check out the story in today’s style section of The Washington Post.

Many people have asked me what I thought of the uniforms. I liked them. I liked them because it brings some juice and attention to a football program that has been relatively stale in recent years. Anything — aside from a scandal, of course — that brings national attention to the program is a positive. That said, I still think fans should be more excited about the new-look, up-tempo, mostly no-huddle offense and its potential this season.