The four members of Mark Turgeon’s basketball staff received compensation packages totaling $859,760 during the coach’s inaugural season.

The figures were compiled from employment contracts for assistant coaches Dalonte Hill, Bino Ranson and Scott Spinelli and director of basketball operations Dustin Clark that were obtained by The Washington Post Friday under a Freedom of Information request.

They reflect $770,000 in salaries and fees for services on behalf of the university, and $89,760 in annual allowances for automobile and cellphone use and one-time relocation expenses for Hill, Spinelli and Clark.

The payments were distributed among the staff as follows:

Hill, a first-year assistant coach: $300,000 salary and fees; $37,440 for relocation, auto and cellphone.

Spinelli, a first-year assistant coach: $200,000 salary and fees; $27,440 for relocation, auto and cellphone.

Ranson, a second-year assistant coach: $170,000 salary and fees; $7,440 for auto and cell phone.

Clark, director of basketball operations: $100,00 base salary; $17,440 for relocation, auto and cell phone.

Maryland finished the season 17-15 and 6-10 in the ACC, failing to reach the NCAA or NIT tournaments for a second consecutive season.

In addition to his guarantees, Ranson would have collected $8,000 had Maryland won the regular-season ACC title or ACC tournament; $16,000 had the Terps won both.

A runner-up finish in either the ACC regular season or ACC tournament would have triggered a $4,000 bonus.

Had the Terps reached the NCAA tournament’s first round, Ranson would have earned a $3,000 bonus and $3,000 for each subsequent round.

In addition, Clark would have been due an $8,333 bonus had the Terps reached the NCAA tournament.

Hill, the Terps’ most highly compensated assistant, was suspended by Maryland for two games following his Jan. 20 arrest for suspicion of driving under the influence. It followed a 2008 arrest in Manhattan, Kan., on the same charge while an assistant at Kansas State.

A former coach with the D.C. Assault AAU team, Hill joined Turgeon’s staff in May, shortly after Turgeon was named to succeed Gary Williams, primarily for his recruiting expertise and connections to high school programs in the Washington area.

The basketball staff’s total compensation ($859,760) is more than the annual budget of seven of the eight varsity teams that Maryland is scheduled to drop on June 30 to help solve a multimillion-dollar deficit in its athletic department.

All told, the teams that will be eliminated account for $3,787,896 of the Maryland athletic department’s $61,632,000 annual expenses in Fiscal Year 2011 (or 6.17 percent), according to Maryland’s annual report to the NCAA. Team-by-team expenses are below:

Women’s swimming and diving - $861,000*

Men’s swimming and diving - $744,840*

Cheer – $619,686

Women’s water polo - $555,017

Men’s track and field** - $546,452

Men’s tennis – $460,901

* The expenses of women’s and men’s swimming and diving include a $304,974 annual rental fee the squads are required to pay to use the university-owned pool, which they split at a cost of $152,487 each.

** Men’s track and field accounts for three varsity teams: Indoor track, outdoor track and cross country.

Men’s basketball, however, was the only team among Maryland’s 27 varsity sports to turn a profit in Fiscal Year 2011, according to figures supplied to the NCAA, bringing in $10,545,476 on expenses of $6,098,340. That’s a net of $4,447,136.

Though Hill’s base salary is identical to that of Spinelli and Clark ($100,000), his total compensation is boosted by guaranteed payments of $50,000 each for radio and TV appearances; personal appearances fund-raising activities and appearances related to the university’s official equipment and apparel deals.

Hill also received $30,000 to cover relocation expenses from Manhattan, Kan. And, like his fellow coaches, he receives $6,000 a year for automobile expenses and $1,440 for cell-phone expenses.

Spinelli’s contract mirrors Hill’s, though his fee-schedule is half that of Hill’s, with Spinelli collecting $25,000 each for radio and TV appearances; personal appearances; fund-raising activities and appearances related to the university’s official equipment and apparel deals.

In addition, Spinelli received $20,000 to relocate his family from College Station, Texas, where he served as Turgeon’s associate head coach at Texas A&M.