Terrell Stoglin has scored 30.7 percent of Maryland’s points this season. (Toni L. Sandys/THE WASHINGTON POST)

In Maryland’s 84-70 loss to Florida State on Tuesday night, Stoglin scored 27 points to lead the Terrapins in scoring for the 12th time in 17 games this season. Only one other player — freshman guard Nick Faust, with 10 points — reached double figures for Maryland.

When Stoglin made a three-pointer to tie the score at 40 with 18:10 left in the game, he had exactly half of Maryland’s points (HT: Jeff Barker). But Stoglin scored only seven points the rest of the way, and he didn’t score at all in Florida State’s game-deciding 21-5 run over the six minutes that followed his tying three-pointer.

That Stoglin led the Terrapins in scoring again is hardly news: He’s averaging 21.2 points per game, which ranks fifth nationally. But I wanted to find out just how much Maryland is relying upon Stoglin for points, and how that compares to other teams and players both in the ACC and nationally.

This season, Stoglin has scored 30.7 percent of the Terrapins’ points, by a good margin the highest such percentage in the ACC.

Here’s a look at each ACC team’s leading scorer (by total points), and the percentage of their team’s points scored by each player.

Player Team Percentage of team’s points
Terrell Stoglin Maryland 30.7
Mike Scott Virginia 25.9
Travis McKie Wake Forest 25.2
Erick Green Virginia Tech 20.6
Andre Young Clemson 20.3
H. Barnes North Carolina 19.8
Michael Snaer Florida State 18.8
Durand Scott Miami 18.5
Austin Rivers Duke 17.9
Glen Rice Jr. Georgia Tech 17.6
Lorenzo Brown N.C. State 16.8
Matt Humphrey BC 16.5

Here’s how Stoglin stacks up compared with the top 10 national scorers. As you can see, only two of the top 10 contribute a higher percentage of their team’s points than Stoglin.

Player Team Percentage of team’s points Points per game
Damian Lillard Weber State 32.2 25.5
Charles Hinkle American 31.8 20.5
Terrell Stoglin Maryland 30.7 21.2
Mike Moore Hofstra 30.1 20.4
Reggie Hamilton Oakland 29.9 23.6
Doug McDermott Creighton 29.4 24.3
Gerardo Suero Albany 29.2 21.6
Frank Gaines IPFW 27.7 20.4
C.J. McCollum Lehigh 27.1 21.2
Nate Wolters South Dakota State 24.8 20.7

Someone else will certainly have to step up, scoring-wise, should Maryland have any shot at the NCAA tournament (which likely will be decided over the next seven games: at Temple, Duke, Virginia Tech, at Miami, North Carolina, at Clemson, at Duke). But who will it be? Sean Mosley (who was noticeably limping against Florida State)? Faust (who has taken 45 three-pointers, third on the team, but made only 20 percent of them)? Pe’Shon Howard (still working his way back into game shape after the broken foot)?