Maryland Coach Randy Edsall was asked what he thought of Athletic Director Kevin Anderson’s e-mail message to the fans, in which Anderson urged the fan base to turn out for Saturday’s final home game of the season against Virginia.

“I thought it was great,” Edsall said. “Sometimes people always have ‘woe is me.’ . . . I thought Kevin chose the kind of leadership that he has and understands what is happening and what is taking place. It goes to show you what kind of leader he is.”

Here is my story from Wednesday’s paper on Edsall saying that the core of the team believes in him, and other issues at hand.

On another note, the running game will play a large role in determining the outcome of the Virginia game. Maryland’s rushing defense ranks 118th nationally, ahead of only Kansas’s and New Mexico’s. Virginia’s rushing offense ranks 37th nationally. And since 1937, the team with the most rushing yards in the Maryland-Virginia series is 56-6.

“We have not been good in run defense, and it is something we talk about every day and every week,” Edsall said. “We’re trying to take our pieces that we have and get them in the right places based on what the other teams are doing and who we are. Again, you’d like to be able to make them one-dimensional and we have not been able to do that so far.

“The thing is, every day we are just trying to find a way to, and we know we are not big up front, we know we are not big up front, so what we have to do is find ways to help our guys get penetration, knock people off, you get another guy in the box, those sorts of things. We have run the gamut and we are still working to see what else we can do to stop the run.”

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