Maryland Coach Randy Edsall said Sunday that he has reinstated wide receivers Ronnie Tyler and Quintin McCree, both of whom were suspended the last two games, and that both seniors will be in the starting lineup when the Terrapins host Towson on Saturday.

“I sat down with them and told them what the expectations were,” Edsall said. “They know exactly where they stand. They know exactly how I feel. I told them, ‘You’re getting another opportunity. You are getting a second chance. There will be no third chances. Don’t let yourself down. Don’t let your family down. And don’t let me down.’”

Tyler was arrested in the early morning hours of Sept. 15 and charged with second-degree assault after allegedly punching a 33-year-old man in the face. McCree was present at the scene, police said, but was not involved in the altercation.

Tyler and McCree, two of Maryland’s top three receivers, combined for 13 receptions in the season-opening victory against Miami. In their absence, the offense has lacked rhythm during consecutive losses to West Virginia and Temple.

On the injury front, Edsall said Sunday that starting safety Matt Robinson will undergo shoulder surgery and be sidelined for the rest of the season. The sophomore Robinson, who had a team-high 36 tackles in three starts this season, will seek a medical redshirt.

“He is the kind of guy I like,” Edsall said. “He went out there yesterday, was hurt, played, wanted to play, wanted to be out there. He will be missed. The good thing is that we will still have him for three years. I just have to find more Matt Robinsons.”

Edsall said that senior Austin Walker is one possibility to start in place of Robinson but that the coach would provide more clarity when he releases the depth chart Monday.

Edsall said that linebacker Darin Drakeford and defensive tackle Andre Monroe are both unlikely to play against Towson because they suffered ankle sprains. Senior Maurice Hampton is expected to start at defensive tackle after he impressed Edsall with his play against Temple.

When asked if he has ever had a team come out flat two consecutive weeks, Edsall said:

“I just got done with the team meeting and talked to them. A lot will show where the leadership is. Who are the leaders of this team? If I have to get them ready to play every week, we’ve got the wrong guys. This is what I told them, ‘Who in this room is going to stand up and be the guy to get on people and get people going? Who wants that responsibility on their shoulders?’ How many of them want that responsibility and who is that going to be? That is what we will find out. We’ll find out real quick. As a coach, you do the things that you can to try to motivate them, but you know what, you hit the field, get between the lines, it’s up to them. It’s up to the guys on the field. As a coach, you can’t play the game for them.”

Later in the teleconference, Edsall said:

“I have been in this situation before, a few times. All you do is work your way through it. What has always happened in this situation for me is, there was one guy or two guys or three guys who said, ‘Hey, enough is enough.’ And then they go and take it on their shoulders. I was in this situation a year ago, we go and get humiliated when we went to Louisville. We were 2-3 and coming back to West Virginia. Had a team meeting. We had one guy in that room who stood up. An underclassman stood up and said, ‘I’ve had enough of this.’ I can’t use all the words he said because you could not print it. He just said, ‘Enough is enough. We’ve got to get our butt in gear.’ We ended up winning five, six games in a row. That’s where it comes from, the leadership of the team.

“We still have to get guys to get away from being individuals and understanding that they are playing for the name on the front of the jersey, not for the individual inside the jersey. That is something that we are still trying to get through.”