Maryland Coach Randy Edsall has said that he sees enough talent on his roster to win. So if a lack of talent is not the primary cause for Maryland’s 2-6 record, what is the root of the problem?

In the news conference that followed Maryland’s 28-17 loss to Boston College on Saturday, I asked Edsall to evaluate his ability to maximize his team’s potential this season.

“Ultimately, I am the guy who is responsible for this,” Edsall said. “What I am going to continue to do is after every practice, and after every game, evaluate what I see on film and sit down with our coaches and what I am going to do and what our coaches are going to do, we’re going to do everything we can possibly can to put our guys in the best possible position to win. Ultimately, I am the guy in charge, and I am the guy who is putting more pressure on myself than anybody. We’re just going to continue to work and get better and do the things we need to do to go out there and get ourselves wins.”

Later in the news conference, I asked Edsall what his personal level of frustration is while enduring a season like this given that he has won in the past at Connecticut.

“Again, I just try to take a look at the film, and what I am going to do is I will look at it tonight and I am just going to figure out the best way that I can help these young men get wins, to reward them for the hard work they are putting in," Edsall said. "Right now, they are working, but they don’t have a lot to show for it. The bottom line is wins and losses, so I am not going to get frustrated because I don’t want those young men to be frustrated. What I want to do is to just let them know that here are things that we can do collectively, and if we do those things then we’ll be okay. The frustration I have is what button, what word can I say to make some of these things turn around. That’s always what I am trying to search for, how can I deliver the message to aide them to become better in terms of executing everything that we want them to execute.”

The news conference ended in bizarre fashion. A woman, who school officials told me was a non-credentialed individual wearing a Maryland shirt, requested the microphone and said: “Coming from your home town, and my daughter goes to [inaudible], really bad year and they look at you as the head coach and they are very proud of where you are, coming into today’s game there were a lot of boos going into halftime. How did your team deal with that and what did they say going into the locker room about being booed at Maryland?”

“I don’t ever hear any of that,” Edsall said. “To me, as a coach, you put the blinders on. Your whole focus and attention is just on your team and that’s all it is. All we did was address it at halftime, saying that there’s things we have to correct, mistakes, and we made some adjustments to what we thought could help us. That’s what took place at halftime.”

I then caught up with the woman before she left the team auditorium, and asked her what publication she represented. “Glen Rock Topic,” she said. The woman then made a beeline for Edsall in the hallway of Gossett Team House and conversed with him for a little while.

A fitting ending to yet another inexplicable Saturday in a sour season in College Park.

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