First, I want to thank everyone for flooding my inbox with e-mails about the football program. I will make my best effort to get back to everyone throughout the week. Please keep them coming and also let me know if you plan to attend Saturday’s game. My e-mail:

There were so many insightful, sincere and smart e-mails. Many raise very good points, and I always appreciate the perspective. I also want to point this out: If you read all comments from blog forums or scan social media sites or message boards in the dark corners of cyberspace, you may think the entire Maryland fan base hates the new head coach. That’s not true. And I appreciate e-mails from people who either support Randy Edsall or express a cautious wait-and-see attitude about his young tenure. It gives me a more balanced, measured view of the fan base. I would say serious frustration and concern is expressed by a vocal majority. But a quieter minority does exist somewhere out there.

My personal favorite e-mail came from a concerned individual whose family has been season ticket holders for more than 30 years. Two highlights:

“At games as the team comes out of the tunnel, they are introduced as ‘Randy Edsall and the Maryland Terrapins.’ Really? No names on your jerseys, but my name front and center. It sounds like a Motown group not a football team.”

And while I can’t write what led up to the following quote because it’s essentially a rumor, the punch line deserves appropriate recognition:

“My family and friends feel like MD has been taken over by aliens.”

Maybe I’ll do a readers’ greatest hits collection from all these e-mails at week’s end. If I do, the aforementioned e-mail just went double platinum in one day.

Now, for a brief look at the Maryland depth chart for Saturday’s game against Boston College before I begin a Tuesday that promises to be dizzying, if not even busier:

Freshman Marcus Leak remains a starter at wide receiver. Kevin Dorsey, who missed the Florida State game with an undisclosed injury, is not listed. No sign of Ronnie Tyler, either. Tyler essentially dropped off the depth chart last week because of what Edsall deemed were “production” issues.

To no one’s surprise, the starting quarterback is listed as C.J. Brown or Danny O’Brien. That will remain that way until kickoff Saturday. But in an upset that rivals Chaminade over Virginia, both Brown and O’Brien are being made available to reporters on Tuesday.

Darin Drakeford is the starter at WILL linebacker. Desmond Kearse is the backup to freshman Mario Rowson at STAR linebacker. Demetrius Hartsfield, who has not played in the last two games, is not listed on the depth chart.

Beside Joe Vellano at defensive tackle, A.J. Francis and Maurice Hampton are listed as potential starters at the other tackle slot.

I’m trying to keep the mood here light this week. The team is 2-5, but I don’t feel like going all doom and gloom all day. They may get a much-needed win this week. I’ll pass along what the head coach has to say after his weekly press conference on Tuesday. I am also told that Kenny Tate, who will undergo season-ending surgery at some point, may be made available to speak to reporters after the surgery.