First, I want to wish everyone a happy and safe Thanksgiving holiday. It has been a pleasure interacting with many of you and reading all of the insightful comments all season. Thanks for reading.

I encourage everyone to read my story on Coach Randy Edsall’s news conference. Whether you agree with him or not, it really was a different Edsall who met with a small group of media members yesterday just in terms of his emotion and willingness to address certain issues.

For instance, when I asked whether there was even a chance that David Mackall could return next season, Edsall was pretty strong in suggesting that that ship had sailed.

The one comment that may serve as the crux of Edsall’s feelings about this season perhaps was this:

“Did we meet the expectations that I had in terms of on the field?” Edsall said. “No, no, we did not meet those. Is it surprising that we didn’t meet those expectations? Probably not because of all the things that have been documented. Am I discouraged? No.”

I thought it was interesting that he was not necessarily surprised by the struggles. What are your thoughts?