Welcome to the DMV, Mark Turgeon: “Traffic can be a pain in this area,” he said Wednesday. (Jonathan Newton/WASHINGTON POST)

Turgeon and Maryland’s players had much more to say, of course, starting with his thoughts on the transition from Texas A&M to Maryland and his introduction to soul-sucking DMV traffic.

“The most difficult thing was getting my family here,” he said. “Traffic can be a pain in this area. Everything has been great. The people have really accepted me. I’m on a honeymoon with the media since I haven’t lost a game yet.”

Both Turgeon and Sean Mosley said that the senior guard will be one of the team’s leaders this season after he struggled as a junior (his scoring was down from his sophomore season while his turnovers per game went up).

“Sean is a great kid. He is one of the best I have been around even in the short time I have known him,” Turgeon said. “He has shown great leadership. He knows his teammates better than I do so he can help me out a lot. I had him in my office earlier and I was asking him some questions about the players that were here last year. He is a leader as well as a coach and player right now. I am going to lean on Sean a lot.”

Said Mosley, one of only two scholarship seniors on Maryland’s roster: “Having guys in the past like Greivis Vasquez, Eric Hayes, Landon Milbourne, they took it upon themselves to put the team on their shoulders, so for me it’s another step. It’s not a lot of pressure because the guys we have here are definitely talented and can respond to that very well so it’s a matter of me coming out here and making sure the guys are ready each and every night.”

Sophomore guard Pe’Shon Howard said he never wavered in his committment to Maryland after Gary Williams stepped down as coach during the offseason.

“I think with [Williams] leaving, I didn’t really think about leaving Maryland,” Howard said. “Coach Williams has been here for 22 years, he’s been here longer than I’ve been alive so him leaving was well deserved. I didn’t have any hard feelings about it at all.”

Sophomore guard Terrell Stoglin is Maryland’s leading returning scorer. With regards to Stoglin, Turgeon said he hopes to emulate Larry Brown, one of his coaching mentors. Turgeon was an assistant to Brown both at Kansas and with the Philadelphia 76ers.

“The thing that I have talked to Terrell about is that he can’t just be a scorer. He has to do everything,” Turgeon said. “He has to learn how to play without the ball in his hands. Terrell is great with the ball in his hands. I was fortunate enough to watch Larry Brown coach Allen Iverson, and I’m not comparing Terrell to Allen Iverson. I watched him and he took Allen off the ball to get pressure off of him but Allen was still a part of every possession. Hopefully I can take some pressure off Terrell but still have him be part of every possession.”