Maryland football Coach Randy Edsall has seen the progress, the strides made from that 7-6 squeaker against William & Mary in the opener to the Terps’ strong performance against  West Virginia on Saturday, but count him among the dissatisfied that the improvements aren’t showing up in the win column.

“I’m not pleased where we’re at, because I’d like to have more wins,” Edsall said Wednesday during the weekly ACC coaches teleconference. “I’m pleased with the improvements that I’ve seen taken place as we continue to improve form week to week.

“But again, you get a chance to go back and take a look at the cut-ups from the first four weeks, you can see where we were in the first game, and where we were in the fourth game against West Virginia, and you can see a different improvement in each phase of the ball. You see the improvement, but you know you still have to get better. We’re not happy with what our record is, and we have to continue to work hard each and every day in practice.”

The Terrapins have a few days off during their bye week, but will practice Wednesday and Thursday before resuming regularly scheduled game-week practices Sunday to prepare for Wake Forest.

This schedule puts Maryland in a unique position. All four nonconference came before the bye week, and all eight games against ACC opponents come after. This allows the Terps to regroup, heal and refocus before the plunge into conference play.

“We had a lot of injuries early on, starting to get even more guys back, but also it gives us a chance, because we’re so young, we found out some things by playing people, now as we go on we have a better idea of who we are, what we can do,” Edsall said. “Again, if we need to make any changes within our starting lineups, it gives us some time to give the guys who will be in those positions some work.”

As far as the lessons learned through the season’s first four games? Age, potential and effort all came up. No surprises there.

“I learned we’re still a young team,” Edsall said. “We’ve got guys that can make some dynamic plays, but then sometimes are going to make mistakes too. I found out this is a team that’s going to play extremely hard for the full, entire game.

“It’s a team that has a lot of ability and potential to continue to get better. We’re seeing a team that’s gotten better week to week, and that needs to continue. It’s a team that I feel really understands what we want to do and what we need to get done in order to be successful in the ACC race.”