Jim Calhoun, above, and Randy Edsall had overlapping tenures at Connecticut. (PHIL MYERS/AP)

Edsall’s 12 seasons in Storrs, Conn., overlapped with Calhoun’s prolific tenure leading the program.

“We weren’t best friends or anything,” Edsall said. “We had a very professional relationship. He was very supportive of football, and I always went to all the basketball games, joked around with the players. Kemba Walker, I always used to tease him about coming out to play football. There was always a really good relationship there.”

That mutual respect and friendship developed even though the football and basketball buildings were separate, something Edsall has encountered with Terrapins Coach Mark Turgeon, whose offices are Comcast Center, exactly one mile from Gossett Team House.

“You don’t have much time to interact,” Edsall said. “Same thing with here. Mark [Turgeon] and I are good friends. I hardly ever see him, because they’re over in Comcast and we’re here. I don’t ever go to Comcast unless I’m summoned.”


Edsall had reporters cracking up with his response to an innocuous question about uniforms. When informed that fans want to know what jerseys the Terps will wear Saturday, Edsall with a giant grin: “I don’t know if I have any fans. Do I? Jeff Jacobs is my number one fan.”

Edsall was referring to piece by the Hartford Courant columnist that blasted the former U-Conn. coach and repeatedly referred to him as “The Deserter.”


Edsall is planning to visit Friendship Collegiate on a recruiting trip Friday, though the Knights had another game canceled. Earlier this week, Valley Forge Military Academy (Pa.) forfeited the contest because of safety concern for its players.

The Terps have four commitments from Friendship for the class of 2013: tackle Derwin Gray, insider linebacker Yannick Ngakoue, outside linebacker Jermaine Carter and inside linebacker Cavon Walker. Senior cornerback Justin Watson and two players from the class of 2014 are listed as considering Maryland, according to ESPN.com.

After the Terps face West Virginia on Sept. 22, they head into a bye week, during which Maryland will perform the bulk of its recruiting, Edsall said.