Maryland football coach Randy Edsall said new team uniforms will be unveiled in late August, perhaps Aug. 22.

“I’m very excited about that,” Edsall said Friday. “I’m very excited about our partnership with Under Armour and what they have been able to come up with for us. It’s going to be really nice to have the options we are going to have with the uniforms. With the combinations we have, I’ve got pictures because I’m not a fashion designer, so I know how exactly it looks when matched up and how it goes together. We can have a lot of options.”

Edsall also said the uniforms will not include players’ last names on the back of the jerseys.

“I am not a name-on-the-back-of-the-jersey guy,” Edsall said. “To me, it’s all about the name on the front. It’s all about Maryland. To me, it’s about being a team and let’s just worry about being Maryland and taking care of business that way. It’s a team sport we are playing. It is not an individual sport.”