Throughout the season, Maryland Coach Randy Edsall has tried to get kicker Nick Ferrara to do one thing when he is on the field: relax.

Saturday was not one of Ferrara’s better games. He missed field goal attempts of 32 and 36 yards. He also struggled at times punting the ball, with one kick going just 15 yards.

“This is the frustrating thing about coaching,” Edsall said after Maryland’s 31-10 loss to Wake Forest. “I think the young man is trying so hard, he hurts himself. And he wants to do so well. I told him: ‘Just relax. You’ve got a good leg. You are a good kicker, a good punter.’ After I did that he started going out and booming the punts.

”It’s like I have to lay him down on the couch before the game and talk to him and just keep reminding him. He is his own worst enemy.”

After missing the two field goals, Edsall said, he had a thought about not kicking a 42-yard field goal — which Ferrara made — on fourth and seven with less than two minutes left in the third quarter and the Terrapins trailing 17-7.

”That started to go through my mind a little bit, and I don’t like for that to happen,” Edsall said. “But I can only go by what my gut tells me and by what I see. That’s what I try to make the decisions on, based on the flow of the game and what’s happening, all of those things. Yeah, that did cross my mind. But when you look at where you are in terms of the score and everything else, you still got to go do it and help yourself in terms of trying to win a ballgame.”