Back in February, the ACC announced how it planned to deal with the additions of Syracuse and Pittsburgh in terms of scheduling.

Over an 18-game conference schedule, each ACC basketball team will have just one primary opponent that it will play twice each season. For the Terrapins, that team will be Pittsburgh. Maryland will play the other 12 ACC teams four times over each three-season span, with a home-and-home one season, a home game one season and a road game one season.

But even though Syracuse and Pittsburgh won’t be joining the ACC until 2013 at the earliest, the conference is still moving ahead with an 18-game schedule for next season. So each team will play seven teams twice and the other four once (two at home, two on the road).

Now we have word from ESPN’s Andy Katz that next season’s ACC matchups are set, and Coach Mark Turgeon told Katz that Maryland would be facing Duke, Virginia, North Carolina and Florida State twice.

So a very young Terrapins team — which won’t have the services of the nation’s seventh-leading scorer but will have a heralded recruiting class — will be getting two games against four of the five ACC teams that made last season’s NCAA tournament.

“Mine’s not easy,” Turgeon told Katz. “But I don't know how else you could do it.”