“It’s not basketball. You can’t change it with one guy,” Randy Edsall says of his team’s progress. (Rob Carr/GETTY IMAGES)

— When asked what he would say to season ticket holders who were thinking about whether to renew after last season’s 2-10 finish, Edsall said, “I just wish every season ticket holder could have come to watch our workouts” in offseason conditioning sessions.

“When you go through change and a transition, being in this as long as I have, it does not happen overnight. . . . It’s not basketball. You can’t change it with one guy.”

— In addition to improving the team’s fundamentals and technique and working on the nuances of the newly installed offensive and defensive schemes, here are some of Edsall’s priorities:

1)   Reinforce that everyone is “all in” with Edsall’s philosophy and the beliefs of his program.

2)   Set a high standard for competition. Perform every drill as if it is your last.

3)   Become better finishers in order to be in better position to close out games.

4)   Become physically tougher.

5)   Become mentally tougher.

— Regarding the 12 players with eligibility remaining who left the program since season’s end, Edsall said it is always disappointing when players decide to move on.

“It’s tough,” defensive lineman Joe Vellano said of the players who decided to leave. “They were great players, great guys. Guys have to do what they have to do. We have moved on as well.”

As for the current players on the team, Edsall said, “All of our players understand what the program is here at the University of Maryland. . . . They are all in.”

Edsall said that everyone has a bad taste in their mouth after the results of last season. He said the team will “let our actions speak louder than words.” 

— Ricky Schultz, a 6-foot senior from Ellicott City, will serve as a backup to C.J. Brown at quarterback during spring practice. Edsall said that Brown will not be touched by any tacklers during the entire length of spring practice.