In addition to maintaining an onfield rivalry, Maryland and West Virginia have engaged in their fair share of head-to-head recruiting battles, with the Mountaineers frequently peeking over the border in their search for talent.

West Virginia has 10 Maryland residents on their roster and one from Washington D.C., the most notable being wide receiver Tavon Austin, West Virginia’s electric return man, who went to Baltimore’s Dunbar High.

“There are so many players here in this area and this region, we’re not going to get them all,” Edsall said. “There might be some that we might not recruit, based on different variables in the recruiting process. Knowing that they’re a bordering state, they come in here and recruit; it’s important for us to work to beat them and get wins against them.

“It’s always fun to compete against West Virginia because you going to get their best effort. It’s going to be physical, 60 minutes of slug it out, get after you, who’s standing at the end.”