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A century of beauty: As the Tidal Basin’s cherry blossoms burst into color, learn about the woman who fought for the cultural exchange and make plans for the festival.

Metro has plenty of cash — for its execs, at least. Top Metro officials made $3.1 million last year, with Richard Sarles pulling in $350,000. That’s more salary than the chief of New York’s much busier system.

Mmm, Pi(e): Celebrate math on 3.14. Three celebrations in Washington and Baltimore do Pi Day right, with delicious circular foods.

CIA’s secrecy can take a toll on marriages. A couple’s divorce offers insight into the deep strains that working for the CIA can exert on marriages.

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— Updates from Maryland’s budget debate. Gov. Martin O’Malley is expected to testify on the gasoline tax this afternoon.

Wrongful death trial in the Virginia Tech massacre heads to jurors.

View Photo Gallery: Marriage counselors and divorce attorneys who work with CIA couples say some relationships are undone by accusations of affairs or discoveries of hidden bank accounts. But nearly all are damaged by the unanswered questions about a CIA spouse’s work.