Sonja Sohn first endeared herself to audiences as the compassionate Detective Shakima “Kima” Greggs on HBO’s “The Wire,” but it seems the city of Baltimore ended up charming her at least as much.

View Photo Gallery: Actress Sonja Sohn wondered: What if she took the HBO series “The Wire” into schools, dissected how characters negotiated their environment and got kids to talk about how they did the same in their lives? Could that help them see how there could be other possibilities?

As written in this long read from The Washington Post magazine by Phil Zabriskie, the actress has spent time in Charm City working on ReWired for Life!, a program Sohn designed in 2009 to help rehabilitate teens and young adults lost in the justice system. The group’s participants say ReWired has become its own support network.

“I had an extraordinarily strong sense of purpose,” Newport News, Va. native Sohn says. “My entire life had become about this.”

According to the organization’s Web site, several of Sohn’s former co-stars and executive producer David Simon are involved as founding members in the program, including Gbenga Akinnagbe (Chris Partlow), Reg E. Cathey (Norman Wilson), Chad Coleman (Dennis “Cutty” Wise), Wendell Pierce (Detective Bunk Moreland), Clarke Peters (Detective Lester Freamon), Andre Royo (“Bubbles”) and Michael K. Williams (Omar Little).