Good morning. Hope you are enjoying this beautiful, peaceful weather outdoors and — wait, what’s that pounding? It’s a pile driver, sinking thousands of supports beneath the Reflecting Pool. Hey, the Reflecting Pool is gone!

Shelve it under ‘mystery.’ How do you lose 2,500 books? Woodrow Wilson High School in the District is trying to explain the disappearance of thousands of library books (and CDs) that were stored while the school is being renovated.

Northern Virginia may be more liberal than the Rest of Virginia (data shows this) but fewer than half of the residents of the tippy-top of the Old Dominion define themselves as “liberal on social issues.”

Harry Connick, Jr. performs at the Library of Congress, in Washington, Tuesday during a ceremony to intoduce a new Web site called the National Jukebox, which offers free over 10,000 historic sound recordings. (Jacquelyn Martin/AP)

The Prius of buses is what a Metro manager is calling the new hybrid-electric vehicles that WMATA has purchased. They are supposed to break down less often and make your ride better; they don’t do anything about heavy-footed drivers, though.

Tom Sietsema’s Spring Dining Guide, which tells you which restaurants are hot, and why, will appear online later today, a few days before it makes it into the Sunday Magazine. We’ll have it on PostLocal, of course.