I’m betting there will be a lot of talk about poet Maya Angelou’s take on the new Martin Luther King Jr. memorial inscriptions. What do you think? Is it an error or an unfortunate edit? Cast your vote.

Specialist Michael Oud, a member of the Army’s Old Guard unit, uses his iPhone to photograph a marker at Arlington National Cemetery, part of an effort to document and account for all gravesites in the cemetery. (Tracy A Woodward/THE WASHINGTON POST)

E pluribus unum: The metropolitan region’s population is now predominantly minority, a new analysis of census data shows. The same is true in Maryland’s Montgomery, Prince George’s and Charles counties, and in Virginia’s Prince William County.

Huge news in Alexandria: The old Mirant power plant may be shut down in a mere 13 months.

Nats news: Pitching phenom Stephen Strasburg will be back on the mound for the Washington Nationals Sept. 6 . Even without him, the Nats won last night on the strength of Livan Hernandez’s iron arm, and with no fewer than FOUR homers.

A meme in the making: Dashboard dining. And we are most definitely not talking about fast food.

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