Yes indeed, that was an aftershock of 4.5 magnitude that you felt at 1:07 a.m. We also have today’s school and landmark closings at that link. More cracks were found in the Washington Monument, and further exploration of that tantalizing information that the animals at the National Zoo felt the quake before we humans did. Also, damage at the National Cathedral will cost millions to fix, as reporter Michelle Boorstein describes in this video.

In an image provided by NOAA and made by the GOES East satellite, Hurricane Irene is shown as it moves over the Bahamas on Thursday. Irene could hit North Carolina's Outer Banks on Saturday afternoon with winds around 115 mph, and it's predicted to go up the East Coast, dumping rain from Virginia to New York City. (AP)

In other news: A Wheaton-based rabbi who called himself the Jewish Indiana Jones for daring rescues of Torahs supposed lost during the Holocaust was indicted on two counts of mail and wire fraud. A teenager was sentenced to life plus 40 years for a vicious and spur-of the-moment beating of a middle-aged couple as they were out for an early-morning walk in 2009.

Bit of good news: How three families merged tiny back yards and now share a great urban oasis. There’s lot more on our Local Living page.

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