Good morning. The Caps won their first playoff game last night, and it’s going to be sunny and warm today. The day’s off to a great start.

(Authorities arrest D.C.Mayor Gray. (Bill O'Leary/The Post))

D.C. Mayor Vincent Gray answered your questions about his arrest and the arrest of 40 others during a protest on Capitol Hill. His version, condensed: The arrest wasn’t planned, he was treated fairly by police and press. The money quote:

“It is profoundly unjust that Congress gets to use us as a bargaining chip, a pawn, and a guinea pig for its pet projects whenever it wants to. We want the authority to make the decisions about how our local taxpayer dollars are used.”

Coming up today

The D.C. schools budget proposes taking from the rich schools to give to the poor ones, or so it seems. Reporter Bill Turque will have a story on this later today.

Unfinished business from the Maryland legislature includes the issues of slots and other gambling. Reporter John Wagner will fill us in.

Metrorail and Metrobus claim Metro money . WMATA works on its budget and that’s never good news. Reporter Ann Scott Tyson is there, keeping her eye on your cash.

Maybe D.C. needs a lobbyist. That’s what some people think in the wake of the federal budget deal, when President Obama and Congress gave away a piece of local autonomy to reach a national compromise. Reporter Ben Pershing and columnist Mike DeBonis will explore the idea.

Planned Parenthood escaped the budget ax this session, but nothing’s ever over in the halls of Congress. Chat with the pro and con members just after noon today.

Chat about the Peeps diorama contest at 11 If you didn't like the winners, then hey, this is the Web, post your own!

Talk to the boss, or one of them anyway. Washington Post Executive Editor Marcus Brauchli (he’s the top newsroom guy) will answer your questions at 2:30 p.m. today.

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