Good morning. It’s nearly the start of a loooonnnnngggg weekend with July 4th and the Smithsonian Folklife Festival, so let’s get to it.

This city is filled with reminders of violence, and one of the most tragic is the the corner of 13th Place and Congress Street, SE, where too many young people have been killed. Two grandmothers with grievous losses try to save other families’ children.

Blue catfish have exploded in numbers and size, as evidenced by the record 143- pound monster reeled in last week in southwest Virginia. They’re ugly, too: we have a poll where you can vote on the ugliest of a bunch of beauty-deprived fish.

In other animal news, 80 cats were euthanized at a Fairfax County shelter because some of them, rescued fromSpringfield home in mid-June, carried a virulent strain of the respiratory ailment calicivirus.

Induction Day in Alumni Hall. (Matt McClain/For The Post)

Hundreds of thousands, perhaps millions, of people have taken the elevator up and down the Washington Monument and in almost every carload, isn’t there a joker who says something about getting stuck? It finally happened yesterday, when 16 people were stuck 490 feet above ground.

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