Good morning. We hope you plan to get outside today and enjoy what could be the best weather day in July.

The renovated downtown Silver Spring is a delightful oasis unless you happen upon it at certain times — late at night or when gangs gather. A July 1 gang fight that took police hours to control is one of the incidents behind a move to place a curfew on Montgomery County teens.

A Mount Rainier police officer was indicted on attempted murder and sex-offense charges after a July 2 shooting in Capitol Heights.

In a 2006 photo, three children enjoy their homemade ice cream at Thelma's Country Store in Great Falls. (Nikki Kahn/The Washington Post)

Hey Mr. Postman: Some 32 post offices in the District, Maryland and Virginia are on the list of those that the U.S. Postal Service wants to close to save money.

Is there a sadder story than that of a child who dies after being forgotten in the back seat of the family car? The National Safety Transportation Board had a roundtable discussion yesterday on what could be done to prevent these awful incidents.

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