The Washington Monument has withstood more than a century of storms and scandals but two visitors — last week’s earthquake and a blowhard named Irene — caused cracks and leaks. More damage was found yesterday.

Dive bar no more? The Hawk ‘n’ Dove is sold, and the new owner plans a renovation: He wants more windows, fewer walls and an end to the $2 happy hour beers.

Afternoon traffic at almost a standstill on Massachusetts Avenue NW looking toward Thomas Circle after a 5.8 magnitude earthquake struck the Washington area Aug. 23. (Mark Gail/The Washington Post)

Curfew debated: Montgomery County is trying to decide whether to restrict nighttime wanderings of teens. On the one hand, there were three incidents; on the other, brawls and violence are already against the law.

No surprise that 15 people have lined up to run for former Prince George’s County council member Leslie Johnson’s seat: The gig pays $96,417, not pocket change in these times of high unemployment. Not that political candidates do it for the money, we’re sure ...

Free the textbooks! No, wait, it’s free textbooks. There’s a movement arising that’s demanding an end to the constantly increasing prices on college texts. Students want affordable or open-source books instead of the high-cost copyright-protected versions.

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