Good morning. Today is shaping up as a busy news day; here’s some of what to expect:

Cemetery probe: The Justice Department has launched an investigation over the the mishandling of remains at Arlington National Cemetery as well as possible contracting fraud and falsification of records.

Hitting a nerve: The hearing ostensibly was about liquor licenses in Prince George’s County. But, reporter Miranda Spivack writes, “But the session quickly became an echo chamber of talk about residents’ hopes for the future and their concerns about the present: crime, underage drinking, retaining and attracting businesses, and the fallout from gentrification.

Behind the counter at Cathedral Pharmacy: CVS Pharmacy sent letters to Cathedral's customers saying they can no longer cover their prescriptions because of missing invoices from Cathedral. (Linda Davidson/The Washington Post)

A new northern Virginia resident is taking heat from the Afghan government. Abdul Qadir Fitrat, the former central bank president, fled the country in fear for his life after telling the parliament two months ago that a group of powerful and well-connected countrymen had received questionable loans from the now-collapsed Afghan Bank.

Wild game gourmets, Thunder Burger in Georgetown is starting a new weekly special called Wild Wednesdays. Today, alligator is on the menu; next week it’s ostrich, and future options might be antelope. Just don’t tell us “It tastes like chicken.”

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