Good morning. Watch out for flash floods and coastal flooding today, even if the skies look clear.

Former Prince Georges County executive Jack B. Johnson, center, walked with his pastor, Jonahan Weaver, left, and lawyer Billy Martin, right, as he left at the federal courthouse yesterday. (Mark Gail/THE WASHINGTON POST)

Police seek help in the investigation of a home invasion that happened a year ago. The burglars, who fatally shot a heroic handyman as he defended a Centreville family, were hiding in the garage of the mansion for about 30 minutes before the victim spotted them, Fairfax County police said Tuesday.

The Washington Wizards got the 6th pick in the NBA draft yesterday, so it’s unlikely we’ll land another John Wall. Former Washington Senators slugger Harmon Killebrew died of cancer yesterday at his home in Arizona.

It’s the day after that New York import, the Shake Shack, opened here, so the question arises: Where can I get D.C.’s best burger? Ray’s Hell Burger and Five Guys are currently leading the pack, but you still have time to vote.

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