Go-go to this: Now here’s an arts event that will speak to everyday Washington — photos of go-go musicians and fans, as well as the annual East of the River group exhibit. A month’s worth of concerts and adult classes also await you. Why bother with Friday in the face of all this?

Oh, you want to be serious? There will be a couple of court hearings that are likely to be newsworthy: a hearing on the Lululemon murder suspect in which the defense might request suppression of some evidence, and another hearing on whether the prosecution can retry Roger Clemens after it screwed up the last case.

The white oak at Arlington National Cemetery fell Aug. 27. (Arlington National Cemetery)

That sea foam that drenched the Fox TV reporter last weekend in Ocean City was not sewage, the city insists; they had shut down the city’s treatment plant before the storm, and anyway, they never dump raw sewage into the water. Chances are, it was just sea foam.

BTW, bypass the local oysters.

Have a fantastic weekend. We’ll have plenty of reading and viewing for you on PostLocal so drop by anytime this weekend (you bring the beverages).