Good morning, readers.

Don’t think a federal government shutdown would affect your life? Think about this: What will we do with all those tourists we can’t send to the Smithsonian? They’ll be wandering around downtown, clogging up Metro, invading your favorite spots. (OK, we know this is serious, but that’s what the home page is for. This is the Buzz.)

Tucked into the oh-so-serious Maryland budget are some gigglers, too. Legislators have funded a giraffe conservation center, a replica of a historic lighthouse, a high school stadium concession stand -- all examples of the state version of earmarks. It’s a tiny percentage of the budget, but didn’t we read that the state is in trouble over its debt?

Admit it — you are fascinated by news like the attack on the Gauguin masterpiece at the National Gallery of Art. Well, if you watch certain local TV stations, you won’t get much art — WTTG and WJLA managed to blot out the breasts of the “Two Tahitian Women” when they covered the story. We must be protected from our own anatomy, after all.

Donovan McNabb, the Redskins QB, could be said to be the victim of a hit-and-run on any given football-season Sunday. But in this non-pigskin season, the fence around his home sustained a bruising blow when someone knocked down the metal posts and laid it flat. Ouch, that must have hurt.

They just won’t go away: DC Squirrel Week continues, now with a video and an @DCsquirrel Twitter following (as if we couldn’t follow them around our yards, digging up our tulip bulbs, eating the bird seed, stealing garden crops... but I digress).

Plenty more is coming today to the Buzz and Post Now, our breaking news blog, all at Post Local — including a 2 p.m. press conference today about how the looming shutdown will affect D.C. Don’t be shy about checking back with us.