Good morning. Tornadoes, volcanoes, war — good thing we are in Washington, where we only have to deal with heat and humidity. At the moment.

First lesson: Don’t hit. A first-year middle school principal in the District is under investigation over allegations that she fought with two students in the past two months. No charges have been filed.

Squids on crotch rockets. That motorcyclist who caused the death of a Maryland highway patrolman this past weekend is part of a trend, columnist Petula Dvorak tells us. “Squids” roam the roads at unbelievably dangerous speeds, weaving, popping wheelies and endangering everyone, including themselves.

A plebe falls during the annual climb of the greased Herndon obelisk at the U.S. Naval Academy. (Linda Davidson/The Washington Post)

Your morning cup of outrage will be filled with this piece, in which prosecutors say a Southeast Washington man had sex with his 17-year-old daughter, stabbed her to death and dumped her body in a trash bin.

A woman was killed and her husband critically injured in a hit-and-run last night as they got off a bus near Wheaton. Police found the offending BMW and the driver, but charges have not yet been filed.

Battle avoided. Wal-Mart has found a new spot for its store in Orange County, Va., three miles from the Civil War Wilderness Battlefield. Preservation groups are relieved.

Are you a Metro rider? Suggest some shorter station names; Metrorail is looking at editing its often-unwieldy station monikers.

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