Good morning. So the congressional leadership and the president have a deal on the debt ceiling. Congress itself weighs in today; the public has already weighed in.

It’s Ramadan, so be thoughtful of your Muslim neighbors, especially those fasting until sundown. They are likely to be quieter than the abortion partisans who are staging dueling protests at a Germantown clinic.

Nancy Tufts, 101, of Fort Washington, with Sgt. Matt Barba. Barba was one of the crew who helped fix up her 14-acre property on the water. (Carol Guzy/The Washington Post)

The Old Post Office Pavilion, one of the icons of the downtown Washington skyline on Pennsylvania Avenue, could be turned into a luxury hotel by Donald Trump’s organization, Capital Business reports. It’s one of a number of proposals to the General Services Administration, which found the building under-used.

Developers’ dreams don’t always come true, but the new owners of the Washington Harbour project in Georgetown are floating the idea of an outdoor ice skating rink. Can we get that done this week?

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