Good morning and welcome to what’s going to feel like a really tropical Tuesday. As we march steadily toward a weekend with temperatures forecast to rise above 100 degrees, I can’t help but wonder what everyone is doing to beat the overwhelming heat. The Capital Weather Gang suggests heading for the air conditioning, keeping hydrated and remembering to check on your neighbors and older relatives. You can get more tips in their all-purpose heat guide.

Since it’s too hot for coffee, get your buzz with us this morning. Here’s what’s happening in the news today:

Mayor Vincent C. Gray. (Bill O'Leary)

Speaking of Mayor Gray, a Washington Post investigation has uncovered discrepancies in donations received by the campaign. Some cash contributions were above the city’s legal limit, and in some cases donations were recorded from people who say they didn’t contribute to his mayoral bid. We’ll keep you posted as things develop.

Denise Stoner, 47, listens to music on her iPhone while working out at the Oak Marr Recreation Centerin Oakton.

They’re baaack! A snakehead, that aggressively fast-breeding fish known for “walking” on land, was found in a river south of Annapolis. But catching the 23-inch monster is no fun fish tale. It means the invasive species has made its way from the Potomac River into the Chesapeake Bay.

And finally, you now know what to get Mom for her birthday. New data suggests there’s been a shift in who’s spending the most money on the Web--and it’s not young folks anymore. More and more moms are cutting the computer cord and getting smartphones that they can use to surf the Web anywhere they go. The Post’s Cecilia Kang takes a look at what that means for marketing.

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