Good morning. Wasn’t that a lovely weekend just past?

The weather was wonderful, but crime marched on. A man who died in the shootings near Howard University Saturday has been identified. Twice in the past month, robbers have used hammers as weapons as they broke into restaurants in White Flint and Prince Frederick. DNA has linked a fugitive in Mexico to the slaying of an American University accounting professor, the FBI says.

All crime is not in the streets: A well-respected local attorney has been charged with conspiracy and witness-tampering in a drug case.Prosecutors say these are the first such charges against a practicing Washington-based lawyer in more than 15 years.

Doris Bohrer worked for the nation's first espionage agency, the Office of Strategic Services, during World War II. She has a collection of memorabilia from her time with the OSS including a photograph of herself with her gun and uniform. (Katherine Frey)

Given the price of buying a home in the area, a mortgage of $625,500 isn’t that unusual. But this fall, the feds are going to stop backing loans of that size, thus making them more expensive. The change could drag down home prices, especially in upscale neighborhoods, and deliver yet another blow to the faltering housing market, write Dina ElBoghdady and Dan Keating.

Heart-breaking. A three-year-old La Plata boy drowned in a backyard pool Saturday, while at a party with 30 family members and friends. A Boy Scout from Weems, Va. also drowned, while on a camping trip along the Rappahannock River.

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