Seriously, we have all the closings, all the commute information and lessons for the future.Expect more damage reports. It will take a few days to inspect everything. At the bottom of this post, you’ll find links to some of our extensive coverage of the quake; be sure to check PostLocal as well, because this is a story that will resonate for quite a while.

Try to reason with hurricane season: And if a shaky earth weren’t enough, a hurricane is bearing down on us. If it takes the path forecasters expect, it would arrive in our area Sunday. Hmm, anyone spot a plague of locusts around here? Mother Nature, we really do love you even if we don’t write or call all that often.

In other local news: There was an election in Virginia yesterday, and establishment candidates seem to have triumphed. Fannie Mae says this November’s walk on the Mall for the homeless will be its last because it’s going local; “nepotism and cronyism” is found in the D.C. mayor’s hiring practices; the week-long celebration of the new Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial continues, with reflections from those who were there at the 1963 March on Washington (and a surprise: a reporter who was working the event).

We will be working all day and into the night, so drop by (virtually, that is). Here are some links to get you started.