Hurricane Irene claimed 20 lives including at least two local people. If you are one of the hundreds of thousands without power in our region, you won’t be comforted to know that the power failures “exceeded expectations” of utility company officials. And, as we all know, it could have been worse. Nevertheless, watch out for nonworking traffic signals, whether you drive, bicycle or walk.

Crime did not take a holiday during the storm. Two people were killed in separate incidents on Capitol Hill.

This boy was found in Prince George's County on Sunday, but police say they can't find his parents. (Courtesy of Prince George's police )

While the rest of us were stocking up and looking nervously at the skies Saturday morning, the last 30 patients were moved from Walter Reed Army Medical Center to the new, combined Walter Reed National Military Medical Center in Bethesda.

If you’re looking for data, look in Loudoun County where data farms are finding fertile soil.

Nick Turner of Leesburg, in the great tradition of American inventors, has built a pedal-car that gets a lot of attention on the back streets of Loudoun County when it’s not blowing a tire.

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