Good morning. The day ahead is sure to bring us more news on the progress, or lack thereof, over the federal budget standoff. Nobody is rooting for a #govtshutdown, but it looks more and more likely, with major effects in the Washington area, including (oh, the horror!) federal employees who are deemed “non-essential” may be cut off from their BlackBerries.

Traffic and crime.. Despite the lovely spring weather, today starts off with a major traffic snarl on I-95 near Springfield. And three people were killedovernight in Washington in a series of shootings and stabbings.

Coming up: Former Gray hire and ex-mayoral candidate Sulaimon Brown is testifying at a hearing this morning; Mike DeBonis will live-blog the proceedings. The Metro board meets this morning as well; we’ll keep you abreast of any news out of there.

And no one should let their guard down when the legislatures are in session. In Virginia, the governor waves his veto pen; while in Maryland, legislators play ball, but it’s just a momentary relief — there will be debate today on whether illegal immigrants should be able to pay in-state tuition at state colleges.

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