Good morning. It’s a busy day here in Washington, so let’s get to it.

Sixteen years after banning parole, Virginia has defied the nation’s high prison recidivism rate, returning a lower rate of prisoners to incarceration than many other states, according to the first state-by-state comparison of recidivism.

Commuting? Answer me this: How does $4 per gallon gas affect you? (Well, don’t just tell me, tell everyone. Click on the link for the reader discussion.)

Major figures from all parts of the Muslim world are flooding into the downtown Washington’s Mandarin Oriental this week for an annual conference, the US-Islamic World Forum. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton spoke last night and there are plenty more speeches and discussions to come.

How many green buildings are going up in metropolitan Washington? How many homeless people reside here? Those are the kinds of issues that the Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments will take up this afternoon at their monthly meeting. We’ll have answers later on PostLocal.

It’s college acceptance month, and education writer Jay Mathews wants to tamp down the anxiety high school seniors and their parents are feeling. Chat with him here.

As a public service, we’re providing this police video of a robbery at a Giant store in Suitland. If you know the perps, call Prince Georges County police.

In sports, the Nats are playing tonight (hey, they won yesterday!), we’ll have a 1 p.m. pre-game chat with the Capitals beat writer,

Our weekly House Call features readers’ problem rooms, with plenty of photos and a decorator’s suggested makeover. You can get in on the advice action, too.