Good morning.

No surprise here. Boy oh boy, do we dislike Pepco! The utility company everyone loves to bash took it on the chin in a survey taken in the first quarter, amid all the outage problems this winter. We put it at the bottom of the 25 largest investor-owned energy utilities when it comes to keeping customers happy.

Lock your doors, because an escapee from the District’s juvenile detention facility in Anne Arundel County is still on the loose. He’s known to hang out in Barry Farm.

Obama’s in the house. Or he will be at 1 p.m., at Northern Virginia Community College in Annandale.

WTOP host Hillary Howard after undergoing brain surgery. (Dave Statter)

Life and death, so close. I still can’t get over that dramatic rescue of a kayaker in the rain-swollen Potomac Monday. The story, written by Mike Ruane, is great; the live video by NBC-Washington mesmerized us. Just imagine yourself in the powerful, cold current for 30 minutes before the lifeboat appears.

Former Maryland governor, politician and world-class character William Donald Schaefer died Monday night, too late for the evening news. Why do we say character? He once mocked a construction delay of the Baltimore aquarium by tucking a rubber duck under his arm, donning a Victorian-era swimsuit, and jumping into the seal tank.

Some of the Pulitzer Prizes for the arts, announced Monday, have links to Washington, which makes the fact that Congress slashed D.C. arts funding by $7 million from $9.5 million really hurt. Also, some other Pulitzer winners at The Post talk about their work.

Past time to get this published; keep an eye on PostLocal; we’re sure to have more news later today.