Go now: If you are putting off a visit to the new Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial along the Tidal Basin, I say don’t delay — the weather is perfect and it’s a sight and site you’ll long remember.

Having spent all yesterday morning on the Mall, the news that a man planned to detonate a huge set of fireworks there (to protest the banking industry) is a bit concerning. That’s not to mention the illegality and illogic of his plan. But at least the weather is perfect. He’s in custody.

Fresh vegetables provided by Bethesda Co-Op is displayed for seniors to take home in June. (Nikki Kahn/The Washington Post)

It’s not in the DNA of those hard-working Metrobuses to last as long as they do. For that longevity, credit a regular rehab, which Metro says keeps the buses running three years longer than normal.

More good news: Tom Jackman’s back, so the State of NoVa blog is up and running again; the next in the Night Lives series is posted; H Street will see streetcars in mid-2013; a suspect in six bank robberies has been charged; and remember Sulaimon Brown and the drama over D.C. Mayor Vincent Gray’s election? We’re going to have some news on that around 9 a.m. You’ll find it at PostLocal.