While we await the return of Stephen Strasburg to the Nats mound tonight, here’s some perspective from ace baseball writer Tom Boswell.

The Cherry Line? The designer of Metrorail’s iconic map is redesigning it and he wants the Dulles extension to be a cherry-blossom pink instead of a Silver Line. Metro officials aren’t so sure. Here’s a look at the work in progress, without the proposed color scheme.

Playtime is over... or not. The end of summer means most of us are looking at a long slog behind a desk, where all those calories stick with us. So try this.

In the Washington area, men earn $1 for every 80 cents earned by women. Now the federal government (and I’m guessing, 51 percent of the population) wants to know if its contractors are paying women less than men.

Poverty hurts kids, especially those headed back to school. Here’s a look at what it’s like to be starting back to school from a homeless shelter, and how you can help just one homeless child.

I hear the garbage truck in the alley out back, which means it’s time to publish this blog and get back to work on PostLocal. We’ll have plenty of news for you there today.