Good morning, and I hope you made it safely through a wild weather night. There are still tornado warnings out and funnel clouds are periodically being reported in parts of the Washington area; inform yourself and beware.

Amid all the storm-related destruction, here’s a happy ending. A 4-year-old boy fell out of a fourth-story apartment window in Aspen Hill and lived, without major injuries.

We’re going to milk this tale: A cow entered the Walmart on all fours one night this week, writes Tom Jackman in The State of NoVa blog. And though you’d think cows might already have access to milk, this one snatched 26 gallons of the stuff, nudged a cart outside of the Walmart and started trying to give it away. The cow then fled on hoof and escaped. And in the final irony, he was captured a short time later outside a hamburger restaurant.

What, drugs and Deadheads? Thirty people at the “Further” concert at GMU were arrested for drug-dealing.

The nerd prom, also known as the White House Correspondents Dinner, is coming up this weekend. Do your bit to liven it up; write some jokes for the humor-challenged and make a suggestion or vote on who should crash the event.

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