Good morning. The heat returns with a vengeance today; stay hydrated.

Not funny when you’re the victim: Another story that went viral because it sounded funny lost its humor when the first victim of the butt-slasher spoke out. “It’s embarrassing and it’s disgusting,” she said.

The fountain at Lake Anne Plaza, where a store that may or may not be a sex shop opens Monday. (Eve Thompson)

Suburban governments across the Washington area could lose their sterling credit ratings if the federal government is downgraded, the Moody’s rating agency said. That could make it more expensive for counties such as Montgomery, Fairfax and Prince George’s to borrow money for roads, schools, hospitals and other projects.

Bicycle diplomacy: Local residents, many of whom have worked overseas, know how small our world is. So it shouldn’t be a surprise to find that bikes from Potomac, Leesburg and Fredericksburg are finding their way to the Third World, where they will change the lives of recipients.

The weekend is upon us and you could go day-tripping through the Virginia countryside in search of wineries, distilleries and peaches; break the mold on summer date ideas and try something other than dinner and a movie; or search for your own ad­ven­ture from Weekend’s Best Bets, including a tennis classic, a great concert and a charity soccer game starring Kobe Bryant.

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