Here are our picks for the top five local stories you should know about as you start your day.

Patrick Casey (Family Photo)

The Lincoln Theatre, one of U Street’s most famous landmarks, may be forced to close within the year if it can’t secure additional funding.

Homicides in Prince George’s County are still a problem, police said, despite reporting that crime overall has dropped significantly in the five neighborhoods targeted in a special anti-violence initiative.

D.C.’s police academy is reopening in an effort to beef up the force after a funding mix-up halted the training of new recruits this year.

Harel Cohen, 6, blows a shofar. (Steve Jessmore/AP)

Today, the woman accused of throwing her granddaughter from a mall walkway is back in court and Vice President Joe Biden will be in Alexandria to talk about how the American Jobs Act would support first responders.

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