Here are our picks for the top five stories you should know about as you start your day.

Steve Jobs at a 2008 product announcement. (Paul Sakuma/AP)

The science vs. spirituality debate rages on as spiritual leader Deepak Chopra and physicist Leonard Mlodinow face off Thursday at Sixth & I Synagogue. Submit a question now.

The Dulles rail project is behind schedule, with estimates placing the delay anywhere from nine days to six months.

Construction chaos in Adams Morgan has businesses on 18th Street fearing they will have to close.

An Ocean City hotel has been cleared of guests and shut down after three people who stayed there were hospitalized with Legionnaire’s disease.

Stay with PostLocal today as we bring you live tweets from the OccupyDC protest on Freedom Plaza and the latest from the Carmela Dela Rosa trial, where a verdict could come as early as today.