Good morning. To my handful of readers, so sorry I’m late; it was the perfect morning to oversleep (or so my brain decided). Let’s catch up.

The governor and the archbishop are exchanging letters in Maryland over the prospect of same-sex marriage in a state founded as a haven for Catholics. “Maryland is not New York,” the archbishop wrote, warning that sponsoring the bill would “deeply conflict” with the governor’s Catholic faith. “When shortcomings in our laws bring about a result that is unjust, I have a public obligation to try to change that injustice,” the governor responded.

Victor Stewart issues a parking ticket while working his beat. (Amanda Voisard/THE WASHINGTON POST)

All Hands on Deck, which floods D.C.’s streets with police officers a few weekends a year, is kaput after a ruling by the city’s Public Employee Relations Board, the police say. No it isn’t, Chief Cathy Lanier says, and this weekend shifts are still on.

Frustrated with the grind of life in the DMV? We have a way for you to vent — and maybe to get something done. The Daily Gripe is handling complaints about trash in the city, the Union Station escalators, and the Wilson pool.

The school year is coming and with it, the routine of making lunches for the kids. We’re having a live chat at noon today with the founder of Chefs as Parents who will talk about keeping your kids healthy and well-fed.

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