Metro is not going to be a lot of help this weekend; there’s major track work planned on the Red, Orange and Blue lines.

This photo is the only lead in an investigation about who is buried in a mass grave at Arlington National Cemetery. ( Army Criminal Investigation Division)

The 15-year-old and the 92-year-old he is accused of killing were “like grandmother and grandson,” family members told our reporters. So what could have made him bludgeon her with her walking cane and stab her with a knife? His brother says he’s protecting someone else.

We have lots of video on PostLocal today — a World War II veteran remembers a historic B-17 attack against Germany, the brawl at the “goodwill” game between Georgetown and a Chinese basketball team — but the one that takes the cake is of an elephant at the National Zoo. He had a flash of insight that astonished zookeepers. Check out the video:

If this past week has taught us anything about the people around here, it’s this: Look askance at the characters at your next party. We aren’t even talking about the butt-slasher, the disgraced congressman or the one-note activist. Admit it: Washington is weird. Have a fun weekend.