The lousy economy that’s been dragging on for more than three years now has brought a new reality to many of us — work job to job, keep your head above water and do what you can to survive. Reporter Eli Saslow profiles one hard-working family.

It’s not surprising, therefore, that some people are spending their nights in prayer.

For Pepco, Hurricane Irene may served as a redemption — for now — of its reputation during major storms. The utility succeeded in restoring power within 24 hours to 140,000 of the 220,000 affected customers Sunday. Thousands remain without power, but not all are Pepco customers.

Charlottesville is not really local to us, but we couldn’t resist this piece about an amateur seismometerologist who was closest to last week’s quake.

Former Washington Wizard Jaravis Crittenton has turned himself in to Atlanta police, who sought him on murder charges. His attorney says he’s innocent and he looks forward to clearing his name.

Police make progress on that nightmare crime of a little girl kidnapped from her Springfield bedroom and assaulted. They found the site of the assault and have recovered some evidence.

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