One of the many volunteers cleaning up Glover-Archibold Park wetland in 2010. (Emily Wander/Alice Ferguson Foundation)

Or you could recycle that trash to the DC home of John Boehner, the Republican Speaker of the House (not that we are recommending that; DCist is reporting the movement). There’s a Facebook page, of course. Foggy Dew says s/he is seeing fire-breathing mobs out the window over the budget impasse (love the photo but methinks it’s copyright-protected by The Simpsons).

If you crave art, not waste, consider the annual spring student sale of Eastern Market Pottery, East City Art tells us. It’s Sunday in the basement of Eastern Market (northwest corner of 7thand C Streets SE). Or go upscale at the Renwick Gallery Craft International

Sunday is supposed to be gorgeous. It might be a good time for a ride on the American River Taxi, which the Georgetown Metropolitan says is finally in operation.